Next Generation Last-Mile Delivery Solution for Healthcare Companies

Interplai is a technology company that uses AI in software and robotics to improve the efficiency in last-mile delivery to reduce costs for enterprises. Interplai’s first product, Interplai Direct, is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that optimizes routes for delivery vehicle fleets. Interplai Direct uses AI to continuously learn from customers’ data to make better and more customized vehicle routing recommendations.  

Interplai Direct is an AI powered vehicle route optimization (VRO) solution that provides a flexible last-mile delivery platform to manage the complex logistics involved in providing healthcare with applications in pharmacy, medical transportation, phlebotomy and others. Interplai Direct learns the important behaviors involved with providing healthcare services and continuously improves as well as adapts to changing conditions automatically. For many healthcare related logistics problems, on-time delivery within tight time windows is critical for achieving high standards of medical care and Interplai Direct helps companies to meet those requirements and more.

Interplai is also creating the future of logistics by developing robotic systems for automated last-mile delivery. Interplai Deliver is a Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution that provides additional delivery capacity to Interplai Direct customers by using sidewalk delivery robots and other automated driving vehicles. When Interplai Direct creates a VRO solution for its customers, it will also recommend its automated delivery robots where applicable thereby achieving additional significant cost savings and efficiency.

Interplai has established important partnerships extending across several industries including IT, automotive, logistics and more. Interplai is a member of Plug and Play’s inaugural Detroit cohort “Batch Zero” and the Ann Arbor SPARK Michigan based business accelerator.

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