Holistic Methods to Improve Healthcare for Everyone

As an Orthopaedic surgeon with a subspecialty practice in Oncology, I have seen firsthand the impact of our healthcare system’s emphasis and prioritization on treating disease and the lack of focus on promoting health and wellness. I have personally experienced the negative impact of the culture of the healthcare system and its lack of support for the promotion of wellbeing of healthcare professionals combined with the lack of training for healthcare professionals in high performance skills. The result of these paradigms has been a less than optimal level of health amongst patients and healthcare professionals alike. Our system does not provide the level of service or the optimal outcomes that are reasonable for us all to expect.

We’ve all heard that our healthcare system is in need of change. Patients are all too often dissatisfied with the care they receive, the health of our population is not optimal, and healthcare professionals self-report burnout at a rate of 1 in 2! The issue of burnout is not strictly an individual issue for affected professionals as it is also, and perhaps more importantly, a reflection, and indeed the result, of the culture of the system itself. We need to improve the health and wellness of all of us so that we can be at our best for ourselves and others in order to pursue the values and goals that are most important to us! This is the purpose of Darin
Davidson, MD Consulting.

The skills of mindset training, meditation, sleep science, nutrition, exercise, and recovery have been well studied in many high performance realms, such as sports, business, and other industries. These skills are also foundational to promoting our holistic health and wellness. Through the integration of these skills within the healthcare system, we can change the system and develop the health and wellness of both patients and professionals.

In the patient care setting, these skills allow patients to manage and recover from their treatment in an optimal way and once they have completed treatment, they are better able to pursue what is most important to them through the application of these skills. The development of high performance skills for healthcare professionals allows them to work at a higher level and decrease the risk of burnout. Pursuing these goals can fundamentally change the philosophy of the healthcare system to the benefit of all of us!

High performance skills are trained and developed in many industries. We can train these skills reactively, in response to a situation, or proactively before we face further challenges. As it takes time to develop skills and integrate habits within our schedules, it is preferable to do this proactively. The added benefit is that we are able to apply the skills sooner. The benefit of regular training of these skills is well known, so why don’t we incorporate these concepts in the
healthcare system?

The philosophy of Darin Davidson, MD Consulting is to develop comprehensive and holistic health and wellness through the development of high performance skills. For patients with Orthopaedic conditions, this is combined with concierge care to provide an overall greater level of care than what is provided through the traditional healthcare system alone. For healthcare professionals, the development of these skills can provide the opportunity to not only develop
the skills needed to work at the highest possible level, thereby improving the quality of the patient care which is delivered, but also to allow the professional to be at their best and of service to themselves and others.

Within the larger context of the healthcare system, consulting services are offered to promote change of the system culture to support and promote the pursuit of health and wellness. Without this much needed cultural change, we will not as a society be able to pursue our collective health and wellness to the greatest extent possible. The needed change requires both individual level as well as cultural level evolution.

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Darin Davidson
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