Health Innovation on a Global Scale

We accelerate health innovation and implement that innovation with strategic partners at the right time with the greatest impact.

Our Vision

To improve the health and wellness of our global community.

Our Mission

To build a global health innovation ecosystem by connecting innovators, strategic partners, and communities .

  • +250K

    Patients & Customers Served

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    Revenue Generated by Our Companies

  • +550M

    Funds Raised by Our Companies

ScaleHealth Architect

The Architect is a proprietary platform that helps health innovators connect with the right customer, partner, advisor, or investor at every step along their journey from ideation through acquisition.

Get Started

For Innovators, ScaleHealth is the solution for securing investment, partnerships, and global impact.

Gain access to:

  • Strategic Relationships – The ScaleHealth Architect helps innovators connect with hundreds of thought leaders, service providers and strategic partners, at the right time.
  • Funding Opportunities – Over 100 investment funds that invest health innovation
  • Demo Days – Curated opportunities for innovators to present their products to payors, providers, and strategic partners who are specifically looking for their solutions.
  • Programming – Regular Summits, roundtables, and happy hours designed to facilitate hand-in-glove collaborations and partnerships.

We ask that you:

  • Have a passion for accelerating the impact of your company and your vision.
  • Have a desire to collaborate with the ScaleHealth ecosystem.
  • Have a goal of making the world, and your sector, better.
  • Have good idea and a damn good team.

We are a curated global ecosystem of leaders that are working to improve the mind, body, and soul.

Case Studies

We’re proud and excited to share some of the recent milestones that have been achieved from the benefits of being part of the ScaleHealth community.

We are thrilled to be building real, scalable healthcare solutions alongside other members of the ScaleHealth community. Since joining, we’ve recruited new team members through ScaleHealth network recommendations, designed public/private partnerships with multiple health systems and hospitals, and uncovered cross-selling opportunities with mission-aligned companies in the ScaleHealth community.

Melissa Hanna

CEO, Mahmee

ScaleHealth has been a powerful force in Linear Health’s methodical approach towards commercialization of our flagship device, the Orchid SRV. Scale’s status and influence across the healthcare spectrum gave Linear the opportunity to introduce the Orchid SRV to CHLA, a prominent thought leader in the pediatrics space, and support market wide transparency for clinical evaluation and adoption. This is a critical step in the direction towards success, thanks to Scale’s support.

Dan Clark

CEO, Linear Health Sciences

Our Partners

There's a crucial gap in the healthcare industry for a digital sidekick — one that enables healthcare workers to lighten their workload by delivering real-time intelligence, giving workers superpowers. That's Olive Helps. Forward-thinking partners like ScaleHealth play an integral role in the success of our new Olive Helps capability by creating connections to the health innovation ecosystem.

Mike Biselli - SVP, Olive

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