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Efficiently Bridging the Innovation Gap

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Harnessing the power of data

Healthcare innovation becomes targeted, evidence-based, and adaptable, thereby significantly reducing the gap between ideation and impactful implementation.

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Strategic focus on scaleability and sustainability

By encouraging the development of solutions that are adaptable to the needs of diverse healthcare settings, we work to ensure their long-term viability fostering widespread adoption.

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Breakdown silos by uniting stakeholders

The ScaleHealth platform fosters collaboration, allowing rapid testing, iteration, and deployment of innovations. Ultimately, catalyzing the transformation of healthcare systems.

Healthcare is challenging

It's harder than ever for healtchare organizations to:


Operate and Innovate at the same time


Control costs while delivering great outcomes


Navigating the shift to value-based care

Welcome to the hub of Healthcare Transformation:

A dynamic marketplace connecting problems with innovative solutions

As a ScaleHealth Free Member, you'll have the opportunity to participate in Innovation Challenges with our global partners. Showcase your innovative solutions and compete for valuable opportunities.

End to End

Our emphasis lies in meticulous fit assessment, ROl clarity, and steadfast support throughout implementation.

Fully customizable

Dive into our comprehensive array of products and services carefully crafted to propel healthcare innovation.

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Join us in transforming healthcare for the better.

Together, let's redefine challenges as opportunities, shaping a healthier future.

ScaleHealth's Innovation Challenges.

Discover, source, and select the right solutions

ScaleHealth's Innovation Challenge invites emerging healthtech companies to tackle specific healthcare problems, providing a platform for them to showcase their solutions. Through a multistep evaluation process, selected innovators receive opportunities for collaboration, funding, and industry recognition, driving transformative advancements in healthcare.

When to start an Innovation Challenge

ScaleHealth provides cost-effective solutions and addresses a wide range of use cases.

Drive innovation of novel solutions to address your pressing care obstacles

Access to a diverse pool of emerging healthtech companies to identify technologies that can improve patient care, operational efficiency, and outcomes.

Foster collaboration and position your institution as leaders in driving healthcare innovation.

Market Mapping Subscriptions

Save time, harness data, and explore emerging healthtech effortlessly

ScaleHealth's Market Mapping Subscriptions offer a customized dashboard, providing real-time data for health organizations to achieve specific goals without the hassle of sifting through emails and pitch decks. Streamline your path to innovation.

When Market Mapping Subscription is right for you

ScaleHealth provides cost-effective solutions and addresses a wide range of use cases.

Stay informed about the latest developments and trends in the healthcare innovation landscape

Align innovation strategies with organizational goals by identifying opportunities for collaboration or investment

Increase efficiency by having access to real-time data on what is on or over the horizon

Customer Stories

We’re proud and excited to share some of the recent milestones that have been achieved from the benefits of being part of the ScaleHealth community.

Rachael Grimaldi, CEO of CardMedic
Startup Case Study

Shortly after CardMedic joined ScaleHealth, they introduced us to Nor-Lea Hospital District. We kicked off a pilot with them 4 months later!

Rachael Grimaldi, CEO of CardMedic

Adam Glasofer, Global Head of Healthcare for AWS
Partner Case Study

It has been a pleasure working with the ScaleHealth team on the AWS Healthcare Accelerator focused on health equity. Their streamlined process provided us with tremendous value while also giving us great insights into the successes of our cohort.

Adam Glasofer, Global Head of Healthcare for AWS

Joseph Quinn, President and GM of PEAR Wellness
Startup Case Study

Thanks to ScaleHealth, Pilates Metrics joined the PEAR family and the technologies are reaching companies and brands to empower happier, healthier lives – one individual at a time.

Joseph Quinn, President and GM of PEAR Wellness

Susan Fleischman, M.D., CMO at Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan
Scaleinspire Case Study

The work they do is directly aligned with our mission that everyone deserves access to quality health care.

Susan Fleischman, M.D., CMO at Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan

Melissa Hanna, CEO of Mahmee
Startup Case Study

Since joining, we've recruited new team members through ScaleHealth, designed public and private partnerships with multiple health systems and hospitals, and uncovered cross-selling opportunities with companies in the community.

Melissa Hanna, CEO of Mahmee

Taylor McPartland, CEO of ScaleHealth
Partner Case Study

ScaleHealth has been so fortunate to partner with Fenwick for our Summits over the past two years. The expertise and energy that Fenwick brings to our programming is second to none.

Taylor McPartland, CEO of ScaleHealth

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