Being a purpose-driven leader in the wellness Industry

Looking back at my professional achievements, I feel that they reflect my own personal journey to become a more conscious human being. And they all have one common thing: I was driven by the same purpose to make an impact beyond myself. From my 20+ yr. as a global business/investment Senior Advisor to my current position as an entrepreneur focusing on Wellness, my purpose has always been my inner compass to find my way toward success. Because whenever I remembered why I was doing what I was doing, I had more clarity on the opportunities which were aligned with my business and my mission, and the ones which were just diverting me and likely to lead me to dead-end situations.

I believe that professionals in the Wellness industry have a duty to be purpose-driven. Surely, we all want to help people and make them feel better in one way or another, but deep inside we all have our own specific reason for helping people and for creating a business to fulfil it. The latter is our true purpose and should receive our full attention. Its a challenging industry and even sometimes frustrating because we would love to be able to help the whole world but we just cant help every single individual. But by remembering our true purpose, we can make sure that we are doing the right thing for the people we decided to commit to.

I am passionate about helping children and adults live out their best life and this is the reason why, with my co-founder professor Angelo Molino, we have launched Athena Music & Wellness Therapy ( with a dual mission: to improve the quality of life of children and adults through the power of music wellness therapy and to establish a global education platform to train a new generation of music therapists. And recently we have released TuneWell (, a personalized music wellness App to empower users for self-care with 100% of the content developed by certified music therapy experts.

Globalization is our focus and we want to democratize Well-being which is still leaving out too many people. The global Wellness Industry is booming, making more money every year, but the cases of mental health disorders are also sharply increasing everywhere. So I think that, as a matter of urgency and necessity, we should reflect on our purpose and think about how we could reconnect our efforts to innovate in Health care with the real needs of people. From our part, we are taking several actions such as advocating for mental health care, putting our social impact at the core of our activities, and tapping into the Collective Intelligence in well-being by working closely with scientists, practitioners and consumers. Because one of our mottoes is: ending the mental health challenge is everyones business.

If you feel inspired, we are looking forward to connecting, collaborating and hearing from you, feel free to reach out

By Roz Huang, Co-founder and CEO of Athena Music & Wellness Therapy, Inc.

Roz Huang
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