Improving Local Healthcare Through Innovative Technology

Many Los Angeles locals face the same challenges of truly understanding their current health status. The healthcare system as a whole lacks a foundation of patient education and personal progress tracking. This would allow individuals to understand their health status, view personal progress, and feel empowered to take the steps necessary towards a healthier lifestyle. Health information is widely distributed on the internet and via other sources, yet there is still a disconnect between patients who understand their health status and the healthcare provider’s diagnoses. In addition, patients have no way of tracking their own progress at home which can be detrimental to patient adherence and motivation.

A connected system that improves patient experiences while improving overall health is long overdue. Expy Health works towards these goals with a system that guides patients to achieve a healthier lifestyle by providing education on their condition, tracking progress, and improving the communication between providers and patients. In addition to patient benefits, the system is an invaluable tool for healthcare providers.

The healthcare system is shifting as a whole from fee-for-service to value-based care. Expy Health is helping local healthcare providers make the shift seamless using data-driven technology to aid patient recovery. This changing landscape puts a focus on patient outcomes, which incentivizes quality of care, not quantity of visits. Expy Health is helping healthcare providers deliver quality care more efficiently without increasing the number of in-person visits a patient needs.

How Expy Health Works

When a patient surgery is scheduled, it is important that the patient is mentally and physically prepared for surgery. Expy Health guides patients through a daily checklist to get them as healthy as possible before surgery in order to make recovery smoother. From assigned exercises to medication reminders, the mobile application helps keep patients educated and on track.

Post-surgery, patients are often assigned a home exercise plan with specific exercises but don’t have the tools to track or monitor their progress. Expy Health’s mobile application and wearable device solve this problem by tracking patient adherence, reporting improved range-of-motion, and monitoring various movement metrics. From rep count to speed, the system allows patients and providers to ensure proper recovery and be alerted of certain health risks, such as high pain level or non-adherence.

Healthcare Provider Benefits

Healthcare providers throughout Los Angeles can benefit from this technology in many ways. Clinical efficiency increases when patient engagement and communications between provider and patient are improved. Patients recover faster because they are more adherent while using the technology. Providers benefit financially when enrolled in bundled payments because of the increased payouts associated with better patient outcomes and more affordable care.

While developing their solution, the startup collected feedback from healthcare providers and patients to identify pain points and opportunities to improve current systems. Two common problems were patient education and patient adherence. Taking that into consideration, their solution directly addresses both by educating patients and motivating them to complete daily assignments.

Working with the healthcare providers and patients benefits both parties. By understanding what motivates patients to adhere to their plan of care and the pain points providers face, patient outcomes are improved and clinics can benefit from increased profits. Expy Health achieves a mutual goal of improving the health of patients and increasing efficiency during recovery.

Changing Healthcare Landscape Leads to Increased Accountability

As a provider, evaluating patient options is now two-fold. Instead of focusing solely on the healthcare aspect, the financial aspect must be taken into consideration as well. This shift is critical in order to work within set budgets. Improved patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs are the two goals to be achieved simultaneously. This leads to providing better care at a lower price. Understanding the purpose of this shift is critical when it comes to clinical decision-making. Investing in better care delivery can essentially result in higher earnings.

With the use of innovative technology, healthcare costs can be reduced. Expy Health helps providers automate parts of their work that don’t need individual attention, such as patient reminders. In addition, their digital home health solution is far more affordable than other post-acute options, such as inpatient clinics or skilled nursing facilities.

The startup completed their pilot program which showed improved range of motion and better performance overall when using Expy Health. They welcome healthcare providers and clinics to reach out for more information on participating in a closed beta. They also welcome investors who are interested in the company to reach out.

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