BioPause – Bio Feedback for Optimal Health

Dear ScaleHealth Community!

BioPause, Inc. is excited to participate in this innovative ecosystem! We are a tech company that has developed a consumer wearable using our patented medical-grade tech.  Our device helps end users decrease stress and improve wellbeing in two ways. Firstly, because our device is medical-grade, we can detect the full ECG waveform allowing us to provide real-time stress alerting before the body releases adrenaline.  At this stage, a small pause and a conscious breath can interrupt the typical stress cycle, allowing the end user healthier options.  Our device also provides standard wearable biometrics (heart rate, heart rate recovery, exercise zones, sleep analysis, meditation zones) however, using medical grade tech, our data is truly accurate!  Our device communicates with your smartphone and/or smartwatch.  

Our unique form factor can be worn anywhere on the torso, creating a much more comfortable experience as compared to a chest strap, the only form factor currently available for accurate consumer heart biometrics. 

Visualize wearing a patch monitor so comfortable that you forget you are wearing it. You wake up in the morning and can see how well you slept.  Our algorithms will combine your HRV (heart rate variability) as well as other biometrics and let you know if today is a day to push your workout or to focus more on rest and recovery. 

As you take your morning run, our device will alert you when you hit your target heart rate for your chosen level of intensity and it will inform you any time you slip below your preferred heart zone throughout your run.  Our app will record your biometrics and stats so you can analyze and track your progress over time.

We designed our form factor so you can shower without giving the device a second thought.  Additionally, as you sit down for a few minutes of morning meditation, our app will let you know when you are in a meditation zone – based on your heart rhythms!  

Our device will monitor you throughout the day, tracking your heart rate and wave forms, unnoticed, unless your stress levels begin to rise too high.  At that point, a gentle vibration from the device will invite you to pause and notice your circumstances, inviting you to take a conscious moment and calm yourself down.  Our app will provide simple calming tools that you can use anytime. Imagine the value to your relationships when being invited to pause and take a few gentle breaths before snapping at your kids or growling at your partner in irritation.  

Our device can provide the biofeedback to support your making healthier choices throughout the day! 

Aware of the gender and racial disparities in how most tech is created, our design focuses on creating tech for all bodies. Most tech is designed by men for men, with a bias toward white skin. Our company is female-led, gender and racially diverse.  We are designing with women in mind and eye toward all bodies and skin tones.


As a company we are also committed to environmental justice. We incorporate environmentally responsible design and manufacturing practices.  

We look forward to collaborating and partnering with like-hearted people in our mission to develop heart-centric tech for restorative living – impacting the lives of individuals and facilitating a more mindful global society. 

Please feel free to reach out and connect!

In Community,

Leslie Chertok

Co-founder & CEO

BioPause, Inc.

Leslie Chertok
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