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ScaleLA 3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd. 10th Floor. Los Angeles, CA 90034 View Map

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6:00 pm. Gathering, networking

6:15 pm. Pavel Smirnov, CEO of Health Samurai. Introduction to FHIR and LA FHIR meetup.

6:25 pm. ScaleLA introduction.

6:30 pm. Gora Datta, CEO of CAL2CAL Corporation, HL7 International Ambassador, co-Chair of HL7 Mobile Health group, Board member of IEEE Southern California Council & Chair of IEEE Orange County CyberSecurity SIG.

Gora Datta will introduce the story behind what, why & how FHIR has become alphabet of interoperability in the mobile connected digital world we live in and how emerging Mobile Health standards are helping the way to a safe and secure world.

7:00 pm. Aziz Boxwala, MD, PhD is the President of Elimu Informatics, Inc. a company with expertise in clinical decision-support and healthcare interoperability. Dr. Boxwala has authored and contributed to HL7 standards including FHIR.

He will provide an overview of the SMART-on-FHIR specification for creating apps that integrate with electronic health record systems, describe how these apps can be used to meet different workflow needs and provide clinical decision support. He will demonstrate Sapphire, a tool for assembling SMART-on-FHIR apps rapidly using a drag-and-drop interface.

7:30. break & networking

7:45 pm. AbdulMalik Shakir is the President and Chief Informatics Scientist at Hi3 Solutions. Healthcare Information Integration Infrastructure (Hi3) Solutions is a full-service information technology software and service organization that provides software solutions, professional consulting, and technical educational services in support of healthcare information management. He is an experienced healthcare informatics standards expert.

AbdulMalik will present two FHIR implementation guides: vital records death reporting (VRDR) and chronic disease bi-directional referrals (BSeR). The VRDR FHIR IG guides the use of FHIR resources for the bidirectional exchange of mortality data between State-run PHA Vital Records offices and NCHS. The learning objective for this presentation is for the attendees to gain knowledge of the processing steps required to go from concept to design and from establishing a standard to validating the standard through implementation. The VRDR and BSeR FHIR Implementation Guide STUs are used to illustrate and facilitate these learning objectives.

8:15 pm. Nikolai Ryzhikov, PhD is the CTO of Health Samurai and lead of the FHIR Storage and Analytics track.

Nikolai will speak about the Development of FHIR-based systems. How to store FHIR resources in a database? How to use FHIR data for analytics and data mining?

8:45 pm Closing & Networking


3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd. 10th Floor. Los Angeles, CA 90034