If you have a startup in the health/wellness industry, you need to be a part of our ecosystem.

Benefits of Membership

It is our belief that innovation cannot happen in a silo. In orders to tackle huge challenges like health, it takes a village, it takes a tribe.

Passionate entrepreneurs, when connected with likeminded peers, decision makers, and investors, can change the world.

The ScaleHealth ecosystem is the connective tissue that binds all of these amazing minds together, whether it’s through any of our physical locations around the world or through our ever expanding community chatting on Slack and connecting on our Members-Only Portal.

We offer access to:

  • Marketplace – We provide a curated pool of advisors, consultants, and service providers with deep knowledge of the health industry.
  • Architect – We have a proprietary tool that allows us to track each Scale member’s progress and make the right introductions at the right time.
  • Venture Studio – We empower entrepreneurs to work with large organizations and corporations, developing solutions to address their needs.
  • 24 hour work space, conference rooms, and kitchen.
  • Programming – We host weekly office and hours, round tables, and classes to accelerate the growth of our members.
  • Summits and Events – We bring together the best and brightest of the Scale community at quarterly Summits and monthly events.

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We ask that you:

  • Have a passion for growing your company in, by, and for your community.
  • Have a desire to collaborate with the ScaleHealth ecosystem.
  • Have a goal of making the world, and your sector, better.
  • Have good idea and a damn good team.

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If you have a startup in the healthcare sector, you need to be a part of our community.

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