Who looks after the parents following the birth of the baby?

Who looks after the parents following the birth of the baby? Who helps them develop the skills to provide a loving, supportive ecosystem for their children? Through my experiences as a healthcare professional, as well as my personal journey during my pregnancy and following the birth of my son, it became apparent that there is a significant lack of resources provided to parents during this time of significant transition.

In order for our children to develop and reach their full potential, parents need resources available to create the optimal environment. This requires a prioritization of parental wellbeing through the exploration of modifiable and non-modifiable factors in both the home & professional environments. Without these necessary resources, parents are at higher risk of parental burnout which in turn negatively impacts themselves, their relationships, productivity, and of course, their children.  This paradigm is in desperate need of change.

Promotion of parental wellness requires several elements, including resources for sleep hygiene, parental support groups and networking, fitness, nutrition, mental wellbeing and stress reduction, mindfulness, household maintenance, and self-care investment. It is the inclusion of each of these domains that allows for comprehensive wellness so that each parent can be at their best for their children, people surrounding them, and in all aspects of their lives. Because these components are  interdependent, each skill needs to be successfully developed.

Taking the necessary time to develop these skills, ideally in advance of the birth of the baby, facilitates developing routines and structures to support parents not only for the arrival of the baby, but beyond as well. Addressing the needs of one’s self, partner (if applicable), support circle, and necessary specialists allows for the most comprehensive approach to parental wellness.

The mission of Run Tell Mom, L.L.C. is to provide these important resources to all parents and ongoing support as they develop the skills within each of these domains and across their environments.  In this matter, we can improve wellbeing for everyone. At Run Tell Mom, L.L.C., these services are provided on a one to one basis; through webinars, workshops, and conferences, as well as in a group setting.  Through collaboration with like-minded practitioners in complementary and related fields, an ecosystem of resources is developed for education and development of parental wellness that benefits all involved. The collaboration between parents, healthcare professionals, and community resources will ensure the supportive and successful ecosystem for the family unit.

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Shelley Kemmerer
May 04

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