Twin Beans is Reinventing Digital Medical Video Equipment During COVID-19

TWIN BEANS is a start-up which specializes in digital medical video equipment integration services, including medical imaging integration, recording, management, and live collaboration.  We focus on providing efficient and time saving solutions that allow doctors to focus more on the patient, and to use the experience from the recorded procedures for research, education, and to share various medical skills and methods.

With the worldwide spread of COVID-19, there have been significant disruptions in the medical device industry which created increased demand for medical devices.  The increased demand was not only for medical devices to treat COVID-19, but also new medical equipment and services that help with COVID-19 prevention.  Many, if not all, medical facilities have already started taking precautions and have begun changing the norms of Patient to Doctor interactions as well as Doctor to Doctor interactions.  In these times where unnecessary face to face contact is avoided, it is only natural to find the next best thing, video.

As digital video recording is becoming more popular during medical procedures, Physicians are increasingly relying on video data for case studies, research, and training.  However, due to the numerous types of video equipment specifications, the barriers for video integration are relatively high.

By understanding the many different signal distribution formats of the medical equipment and what it means for medical professionals to have access to medical videos, recording methods, education and training requirements, technology integration, and the workflow/communication between various departments within a hospital, Twin Beans has developed a full solution that enables you to integrate up to 8 different sources of medical equipment including but not limited to, mirror images, x-ray, cameras, physiological signals, and a Doctor’s operation gestures that are all combined into one real-time video recording.  These recordings can be viewed, managed, and shared live across multiple devices via a URL or APP.

Currently, Twin Beans products are in over 60% of the Medical Facilities and Universities across Taiwan and provide different service design solutions based on the needs of each medical department – mainly Gastroenterology, Neuroradiology, Neurology, Cardiology, Rehabilitation, Radiology, and Chest Medicine.  This includes surgery, cranial nerve intervention, cardiac catheterization, dysphagia, thoracic surgery, and puncture procedures which assist the doctor in precise positioning before performing surgery.

Twin Beans current product lines consist of:

MEDIRECO – dynamic medical video recording system

MEDISTATION – medical video management system

MEDIMATRIX – medical video routing system

MEDIMEET – medical video live communication system

Twin Beans future ambitions are to create a ‘Netflix type platform’ specifically for medical videos to record, produce, store, manage, and share.  Twin Beans new initiative “MEDIHUB” will expand on this idea to create a universal “MEDIHUB” where Doctors can upload, view, and share their medical videos to enhance information sharing, education, and training among the medical community.  Our hope is to provide a designated video platform for medical professionals to easily access, which provides more in-depth video resources on medical procedures and techniques to enhance the overall quality of medical treatment and methods.

James Liu
October 06

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