The Importance of a Perfect Headshot

Clients and employees alike are looking for authenticity when choosing a product, service, or potential employer. This rings true in healthcare and technology more than most other industries. 

ScaleHealth is proud to announce our partnership with Capturely. Capturely is a professional services company focused on improving their client’s visibility through intelligent imagery and video. 

They work with brands to provide professional headshots, business imagery, and video to drive engagement and conversions by mobilizing their fast-growing nationwide network of independent photographers and videographers. Some of their corporate clients include Facebook, Netflix, NBC/Universal, LinkedIn, Wells Fargo, and more. 

Why is having a great headshot important? 

You can use a headshot in many places including your company website as well as almost every SaaS platform in existence. LinkedIn has become not only the largest networking platform on the planet, but also the best way to find a job. 85% of jobs are now found and fulfilled via networking. Your LinkedIn photo is the welcome mat to your professional profile. You are 14x more likely to have your profile viewed and 36x more likely to receive a message if you have a professional photo. Yes, it’s that important! 

So, how do you ensure that your photo is representing you in the best way possible? 

Be authentic – You want your photo to look like you on your best day. You can and should show your personality. After all, your photo is representative of who you are both personally and professionally. This allows you to express yourself through body language, wardrobe, and background. Be YOU! 

Make sure it’s professional – Taking a professional headshot doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. However, you are investing in your image so take it seriously. Having a professional image says something about you…of course so does having an unprofessional photo. How do you want to be perceived? After all, it takes the brain 50 nanoseconds to make a judgement about you based on a photo.  

Know the platform – Your photo on LinkedIn may be different than the headshot you use on your company website or social media page. You want to consider where your photo is being used, how you want to be perceived on that platform, and what the cropping of your photo might be based on the platform. Having multiple photos, perhaps with different backgrounds, wardrobe, look, and feel gives you more flexibility.

Custom imagery (photos and videos of your leadership team and employees) converts 7x better than stock imagery. Companies that present their brand consistently see a 23% increase in revenue. Check out their e-book on How to Use Imagery to Increase Revenue

Businesses that invest in themselves, their employees, and their brand will outlast, outrank, and outsell their competitors time and time again. With our world constantly changing, there seems to be one trend that is not fading. 

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