The Big Goal

We’ve talked about the ScaleLA vision. Now let’s talk about our goal. All startups need both and it’s all the more crucial when working to address an industry as large as healthcare.

Our goal at ScaleLA is to serve 1M patients and drive $1B in cumulative revenue through ourselves and our 10th Floor members by 2025.

When I was younger and new to the startup world, I didn’t appreciate the concept of vision and goal. I always thought that successfully fundraising was the goal, or press, or user growth metrics. Maybe it was reading books like Start with Why, Habit, and Principles, or maybe it was turning 30. 

It was possibly the shift in perspective from thinking about a startup as a recipient of value to thinking of a startup as the driver of value – not just to shareholders but to the community at large. 

Whenever the shift occurred, it has had a profound effect on the way I look at our work at ScaleLA and how we measure our success as it relates to our organization’s vision.

Our vision is to be the engine of progress and we do that by being the best connector leaders and their first followers that share a vision for improving the lives of our neighbors. 

Looking at how our work can benefit others has channeled my thinking when it comes to our goal. We don’t create mind-blowing new technologies or new techniques for space travel. We solve big problems that our community faces right here, every day.

For me, that means helping Angelenos become healthier in their mind, body, and soul. 

So that brings me back to our BHAG – our Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

ScaleLA and our 10th Floor members are going to drive $1B in revenue through our startups and service 1M patients in the Los Angeles area (specifically targeting those in underserved communities).

Reaching this goal means that we will be creating jobs, increasing opportunity, improving health, and moving Angelenos closer to each being their best selves.

However, to reach these goals, we need to laser focused on the companies that join us on the 10th floor and how we provide value to them. We want to work with companies that believe what we believe (that LA is primed to be the next hub of healthcare innovation), we want to help them raise, scale, and partner with industry leaders who see both the potential and the need.

I don’t know if we’ll ever know when the ScaleLA mission is accomplished but I do know that if we can play a role in servicing 1M patients by 2025, we’ll be on the right track.

Taylor McPartland
January 16

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