Replete Health is using telehealth to help patients with COVID-19

Over the next few weeks, our ScaleLA family is making the necessary moves to combat COVID-19. Here are some of their stories.

ScaleLA: What does your company do?

Replete: Replete has built a doctor patient/communication platform that allows us to deploy two use cases. One, a patient solution (76M+ potential users) that allows them to download their clinical data right on their mobile phones. Two, a doctor solution that  allows them access to the entire US population’s digitally available (180M+ potential users) clinical data and the ability to share that data with the patients. This communication includes direct messaging between the doctor and patient, virtual triage, telehealth appointment scheduling, telehealth, broadcast messaging to whole patient populations etc.

SLA: How are you responding to CV-19?

R: We were planning to release telehealth in May/June timeframe. Given COVID-19, we have sped up our development process to bring the release into March. In addition, we have included a screening questionnaire that allows enrolled patients to self-screen themselves and share those results with their provider. We are going live with all the features on Monday 23rd March 2020 with a few initial clinics in New York.

SLA: How has business changed for you as a result of the outbreak?

R: We have many providers showing interest in our platform. Now, we are trying to assess the impact of thousands of people using applications in the next few weeks. Usually, we approach doctors to offer our services. Now, they are running to us to use our services.

SLA: How can your business support those fighting the outbreak of CV-19?

R: Given the crisis, we don’t want the providers to be stressed on monetary reasons for selecting a service. We genuinely want to help save lives. Therefore, all our services are free to patients and doctors.

SLA: What silver lining do you see in these crazy times?

R: We hope that patients and doctors take telehealth and remote patient services seriously in the coming days. This not only helps them save time and money, but all the stresses that come along with it. This is good for our business.

Taylor McPartland
March 24

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Over the next few weeks, our ScaleLA family is making the necessary moves to combat COVID-19.

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Over the next few weeks, our ScaleHealth family is making the necessary moves to combat COVID-19.