REMware™ Improves Sleep Center Operations and Patient Outcomes

DreamClear and REMmanager were founded by Arun Ramabadran as part of REMware. DreamClear introduces a new HST device that helps provide a worry-free experience from start to finish. REMmanager is the nation’s most comprehensive platform for sleep center operations and associated DME equipment.

Arun earned a degree in both electrical and biomedical engineering, launching a career that has taken him across the globe. He transitioned into the sleep management industry by helping a friend and business partner whose father had been involved with a nationwide sleep company.

Arun implemented his own hybrid sleep/durable medical equipment business in Tampa, Florida, in addition to owning and operating a primary care physician’s office. In 2016, he began turning his focus to improving efficiency through cloud based sleep operations software as a way to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks.

DreamClear™ is ahead of the curve when it comes to the future of home sleep testing. Home sleep testing has become increasingly more prevalent in the sleep industry over the past two decades, growing exponentially given the advantages over in-lab studies. Thanks to low costs and integration with cloud-based technology, DreamClear™ is both an affordable and convenient method of testing for conditions like obstructive sleep apnea.

Providers no longer have to incur additional overhead costs by purchasing a machine, and DreamClear™ also provides automated scoring of sleep data to the physician within 30 minutes of the patient waking up. As a result, turnaround time is significantly quicker.

The versatility of DreamClear™ gives a physician the option to receive raw sleep data or a scored interpretation, reducing the amount of time a physician needs to spend evaluating data. DreamClear™ uses a cloud-based platform to store sleep data, which the physician will be able to access within 30 minutes of the patient waking up. Physicians no longer need to wait for the HST device to be shipped back to retrieve the data.

Since DreamClear™ is so versatile, it can be used by a wide scope of doctors and specialists. As a result, patients are able to be diagnosed and receive the appropriate treatment.

Meanwhile, REMmanager will soon release additional products and software for sleep centers. This will further disrupt the sleep test market, while continuing to enhance efficiency and profitability for operators in this space.

Visit our websites for DreamClear™ and REMmanager™ and to learn more about the ways REMware is helping to transform the sleep industry. Feel free to reach out to a member of our team as well for more information.

REMware Team
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