PocketPatientMD Links all Stakeholders in the Healthcare Ecosystem

Most doctors don’t have a voice about the digital tools and technology they use, with technology being focused on statistics or billing as opposed to the clinical setting and their needs. Many tools are also cost prohibitive. This can have a profound impact on the accessibility, cost, and quality of care. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in emerging markets. With most things on paper and limited access to accurate, real-time medical information, all stakeholders suffer. It takes doctors longer to see patients and there is more wasted time and resources. Patients are less compliant and burdened with higher costs for unnecessary tests. Hospitals and facilities run out of medication and may have difficulty procuring high-cost equipment. Pharmaceutical firms don’t know where to source medications, many needed drugs expire or wasted because of improper storage, and clinical trials are non-existent. Device manufacturers don’t know where to send equipment. And insurance options are limited. This impacts the entire healthcare ecosystem.

A solution does exist. PocketPatientMD is a digital health and electronic medical record platform linking all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. It is customizable, interoperable, in multiple languages, and free for all providers, creating a truly universal health record, with the flexibility to adapt and be personalized for any user. PocketPatientMD’s monetization is focused on the global supply chain, including pharmaceutical firms, device manufacturers, and using reports and insights to improve logistics, reduce waste, and offer new opportunities.

PocketPatientMD is focused in markets where there is a lack of accurate health care information, enabling real time data aggregation and analysis to improve cost and quality of care, and working towards achieving UN SDG3. PocketPatientMD has approval from 6 Ministries of Health for pilots, is in use by the Red Cross in one Asian country, has over thirty 10K+ patient facilities signed up and set to utilize the platform, and serves on an Africa CDC HIE Task force. 

What makes PocketPatientMD unique is the specific focus on doctors and their needs first, and being a truly universal platform. This includes the ability to be interoperable and link with labs, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, and other platforms. Being customizable, which allows the platform to adjust to any setting, including the ability to add research or reports. And being permission based, so roles can be created for various staff with an administrator determining what they can view and what access they have. An offline version will also be launched in the coming months to overcome connectivity issues.

The company also has firsthand experience and has built and fostered relationships around the globe. I worked in finance and left to attend medical school visiting health systems across the world. I lived in Africa from 2017-2020, mainly Kenya then 6 months mainly out of Abidjan, visiting key stakeholders on the ground in over 35 countries in that time. This includes meeting with doctors and touring facilities in places including DRC, Somalia, South Sudan, Chad, Mali and more. Our team understands the challenges and obstacles, and has a proven solution to overcome them. PocketPatientMD can improve access to care, quality of care, and access to vital medical trends and information. The result, improving the efficiency and resiliency of the healthcare ecosystem, global logistics, and supplies of important resources, medication, and equipment.

PocketPatientMD is exploring partnerships, can be White Labeled, and is currently closing a funding round via a Safe Note. You can contact mark.wien@pocketpatientmd.com or visit pocketpatientmd.com for more information.

Mark Wien
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