People Science™ and ScaleHealth Partner to Validate Innovative Healthcare Solutions

The partnership will leverage comprehensive virtual clinical research technology in
people-forward research to bring novel health solutions to the forefront.

LOS ANGELES CA, September 21, 2022 — People Science, a direct-to-consumer
scientific research company providing a scaled R&D platform to test alternative
medicines and digital therapeutics, and ScaleHealth, a health innovation marketplace
catalyzing, supporting, and connecting future forward solutions to leading healthcare
organizations, announced a partnership today. The collaboration will support clinical
validation and evidence generation of innovative ideas and health solutions to solve
community, systemic, and global health challenges. As validation partners, People
Science will use their proprietary software technology CHLOE — in which research
participants are empowered to participate directly through their personal devices—to
test solutions in the ScaleHealth Ecosystem. CHLOE, or Consumer Health Learning
and Organizing Ecosystem, is a modular software technology that combines a
consumer-facing mobile app with a rigorous high-quality clinical research platform.

This approach will provide scientifically rigorous and cost-effective consumer first
clinical validation services to ScaleHealth’s network of companies and partners to test
their solutions at scale. It will also provide product insights and arm companies with
evidence to support business development and marketing. People Science and
ScaleHealth’s partnership reflects their shared vision to bring the best healthcare
solutions to communities in need.

“We’re excited to partner with People Science to enhance our client and partner
offerings to payors, health systems, and software technology innovators,” said Taylor
, CEO of ScaleHealth. “This relationship will provide our partners with a
really efficient way to generate the much-needed clinical validation and effectiveness
data they need to enhance their business decisions.”

People Science can help create study designs and protocols based on challenges in
collaboration with ScaleHealth and their partners and support execution with end-to-end
research services. In addition, People Science can also provide recruitment, eConsent,
eSource, and ePRO capabilities through CHLOE – which is designed to support a wide
range of clinical validation study designs to obtain key metrics and real-world evidence
into the effectiveness of a particular healthcare solution.

“Scale Health works with the largest healthcare systems and payers on the planet and
also with the most innovative solutions to healthcare challenges today,” said Noah Craft
Co-CEO and co-founder of People Science. “Our partnership provides an
exciting use case for our direct-to-consumer clinical research platform, CHLOE, to
accelerate our understanding of how healthcare technology solutions can impact the
real world today”.

Over the last decade, the decentralized research model has become a standard of
clinical research, especially with the restrictive pressures of the pandemic. People
Science has developed a novel scientific infrastructure and by putting the research tools
directly in people’s hands, the research process and results more accurately reflect
what happens with real people in the real world. The approach is focused on enabling
participation in research from everyone in our society and to allow more stakeholders to
get answers to questions that matter to them and their communities. ScaleHealth
solution companies are focused on solving some of the biggest healthcare challenges
today and are well suited to this efficient model which saves on both cost and time.
Research insights can be used in product development, to demonstrate efficacy and

effectiveness, and to enhance business development or investor interest. By partnering,
People Science and ScaleHealth are bringing science forward faster.

About People Science

People Science is a public benefit corporation building a people-forward clinical
research infrastructure to support the evolution, knowledge, and understanding of
alternative medicines and digital health solutions – things that can keep us well or make
us better. We help clients determine if their products actually improve the health and
wellness of customers. As a technology-enabled clinical research company we also
empower individuals to answer the question, “what works best for me?” via the
proprietary CHLOE app. People Science tests good ideas by supporting research with
the people that care about those ideas. Learn more at People Science, and follow
People Science on LinkedIn.

About ScaleHealth

ScaleHealth is an ecosystem that accelerates the impact of health innovation on a
global scale. Using a proprietary technology platform and an ecosystem of leading
health experts, we bring together top health organizations with the world’s best
innovative solutions. Our process has the unique ability to provide industry-leading
insight coupled with hand-in-glove delivery of future forward solutions. By accelerating
innovation to drive impact we achieve better health outcomes for everyone. Learn more
at ScaleHealth, and follow ScaleHealth on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Crisel Erfe
People Science

Crisel Erfe
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