Let’s talk about Rent

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David Turkell

Entrepreneurs: Get Involved

Entrepreneurs throw around the word “disrupt” as casually as “innovate” or “iterate.

Taylor McPartland

The Big Picture

There is no more diverse city in the world than Los Angeles and the potential for economic and cultural success at our current time is more promising than ever.

David Turkell

Introducing Mentor2Mentor

My name is India Williams and I am proud to serve as the official Program Director for Mentor2Mentor (M2M), ScaleLA’s new entrepreneurial youth mentoring initiative.

India Williams

Your Business AND Government or VERSUS Government

In California, the most heavily regulated state in the nation, it’s easy to ask the question: is it a matter of your business AND government or VERSUS government?  A visit to the State of California’s somewhat-consolidated permit and regulation website demonstrates that even the most mundane business turns up pages of related federal, state, and sometimes …

Will Semmes