Mahmee Makes Motherhood Easier

We are so fortunate to have so many members on the 10th floor who are making healthcare better for the region. Today, I want to tell you about one of our members who is already making a difference: Mahmee.

Mahmee is a HIPAA-secure care management platform that makes it easy for payers, providers, and patients to coordinate comprehensive prenatal and postpartum healthcare from anywhere. They believe that comprehensive maternal healthcare is ongoing education and support that addresses the unique intersection of the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood, as each individual experiences them.

CEO and co-founder Melissa Hanna came up with the idea after seeing her mother, Linda, work for years as a labor and delivery nurse. Linda was one of the first women in the U.S. to become a board-certified lactation consultant and went on to design health giant Kaiser Permanente’s breastfeeding center, a program that was replicated up and down the West Coast. Over the years, Linda expressed frustration at the lack of connective technology in maternal care and with just how much in general maternal and infant health care had been left behind by the tech world.

So it’s no wonder that influential leaders like Serena Williams are backing Mahmee in its new $3 million seed round. Arlan Hamilton’s ArlanWasHere Investments led the financing “with support from Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund.” Prolific investor and “Shark Tank’s” Mark Cuban and Pipeline Angels also participated. Previous investors include Cross Culture Ventures, Acumen America, The Helm, Backstage Capital, Bumble Fund, and others.

There are now over 70 companies on the 10th floor that are developing some of the most eye-opening solutions that address so many of the issues that affect all of us – ranging from curing cancer, managing aging, and fixing our healthcare system. So let us know when you want to join us on the 10th floor and see firsthand the impact that all of our members are making.

David Turkell
August 13

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