Launched: GoKidGo Is THE Audio Imagination Company For Kids

GoKidGo, a proud member of the ScaleHealth family, is THE audio imagination company for kids! Launched by New York Times bestselling children’s author Patrick Carman, entrepreneur Jennifer Clary, and film executive Maia Glikman, GoKidGo is the first publisher exclusively creating freely accessed narrative podcasts for children.

At a glance GoKidGo may appear to be a straightforward entertainment company, but the business is designed to tackle plummeting literacy rates among youths and empower parents with a fun, free resource to reduce children’s screen time. 

Prior to the pandemic, children’s average daily screen time was already twice the limit recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Covid has compounded the issue dramatically, with most children now spending between 6-8 hours daily on screens. Too much screen time has been linked to sleep problems, lower grades in school, reading fewer books, reduced outdoor and physical activity, weight problems, mood problems and self-image issues. In other words, excessive screen time poses a significant health issue for youth. 

While 85% of parents report being alarmed by the trend’s impact on their children’s development, a majority of adults have also had to adjust to increased work from home time, realistically necessitating a form of entertainment children can engage with sans constant supervision. When posed with the choice of maintaining a living wage or enforcing reduced screen time, parents understandably opt for the former. Female GoKidGo founders Jennifer Clary and Maia Glikman deeply empathize with the challenge to juggle work with childcare: from the outset GoKidGo has been designed to thoughtfully address this very issue.

Narrative podcasts have been shown to engage children’s brains in much the same way as reading books. In fact, there is a strong correlation between children who listen to podcasts and children who read. More young people who listen to podcasts enjoy reading (47.8% compared to 40.8%) and read daily (30.4% compared to 27%) than peers who do not. 

Listening to podcasts tends also to be an active, rather than a passive, pastime. Check out GoKidGo talent Danny Pudi and Michaela Dietz explaining the benefits of podcast listening!

Who says health innovation can’t be fun?! GoKidGo is like Pixar for kid’s ears and a protein packed salad for their brains. Please help spread the word about GoKidGo and make a difference! 


  1. Search for GoKidGo on Apple or Spotify. GoKidGo shows that are currently live – Bobby Wonder (featuring Danny Pudi and Kat McNamara), Lucy Wow (featuring Michaela Dietz), and R.L. Stine’s Story Club (featuring Ariel Winter) – will all pop up! Please subscribe, listen and review!
  2. Post to your social feeds and encourage everyone you know with kids to check it out!
  3. Follow and share GoKidGo’s social pages on your feeds. Find the pages here: 


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