Introducing the Pace Diagnostics Breakthrough

If you were asked to guess which respiratory disease is responsible for ten million infections and 1.6 million deaths per year and is responsible for over $3 trillion in lost GNP over ten years, what would your answer be? If your answer were Tuberculosis, you would be correct.  It is one of the most neglected diseases that is still hampering the developing world. It also affects established countries through immigration.

Likewise, lung cancer affects global populations two million deaths per year. Of the one trillion smokers globally, 10 to 15% will get lung cancer at some point in the life. The global economic cost of lung cancer is $188 billion.

Pace’s TB and Lung Cancer diagnostic tests, which address a combined $7.1 billion global market for point of care diagnostics, are a significant breakthrough. Current tests are expensive, require visits to labs and hospitals, or take too long to get results. They are not convenient for mass population screening. In contrast, with the Pace’s test, people are tested where they are and do not require experienced staff or costly equipment. Positive tests are referred for confirmatory testing. As a result, we can address a large number of people that otherwise could not otherwise get tested. “Our objective is to identify the disease cases quickly and accurately so that people can make better healthcare decisions,” Pace’s  CEO, Dr. Hiep-Hoa Nguyen, commented. “We design our tests for use both in your home and in the office of your healthcare provider. In addition, the tests can be performed by untrained individuals or by minimally trained personnel, further increasing their reach.”

PACE DIAGNOSTICS is an emerging biotech company based in Los Angeles, California, helping solve substantial unmet global health needs. To learn more about Pace Diagnostics, visit, or email Lorne J. Mattner at


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