In order to improve the health and wellness of our global community, we affirm the rights of every human on this planet and denounce the horrors that racism and White supremacy have caused for centuries, especially within the fields of healthcare and across all aspects of society.

These are values that our entire team has held since we began to work with each other in 2016 but we will always strive to improve and listen to the community and especially underrepresented voices that have called out for change for hundreds of years. We started ScaleHealth in order to ensure that every single voice is represented in healthcare and it goes without saying that we must elevate the calls for justice. This is not a partisan statement – this is vital in order to save our future as a free society.

Our nation mourns the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery who should all be alive and healthy today and countless others who never even received an opportunity to receive justice including but not limited to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Emmitt Till, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice.

We want to unequivocally ensure you that we will do our part to lift up every underrepresented voice that walks through our doors and encourage our entire network to invest in Black entrepreneurship and innovative companies. We will continue to support young Black and Brown students in local schools and foster youth through our foundation under the amazing leadership of India Williams. We will continue to grow and partner with leaders in cities across the globe under the direction of Trevor Wilkins. We will continue to update our community about ways we are working together as a team to break down barriers of systemic injustice that impede progress and we encourage everyone to take part.

We will continue to work with our partners at hospitals to improve the care for Black Americans and reduce rates of disease and death. We also will use our connections to local and federal officials to demand restrictions on use of tear gas and other harmful chemicals on civilians employed by corporations, Police forces, and government entities especially during a global pandemic of a virus that attacks the upper-respiratory system. We will continue the important mission of addressing the mental health crisis in this country and task our leaders across both the private and public sector to increase funding and create free to affordable resources for all but especially to Black Americans who suffer from PTSD and trauma as a result of White supremacy.

We encourage all of our community to strive to constantly improve their mind, body, and spirit so we ask that you return to ScaleHealth with a clear understanding of where we stand when we demand the end of bigotry and prejudice in America and beyond.

David Turkell
June 01

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