Working to solve the workforce shortage

At Grapefruit Health, we are on a mission to help solve the healthcare workforce shortage. In the USA alone, we will be short by 3.2 million healthcare workers by the year 2026. We address this issue by recruiting, training, and managing clinical students to perform affordable interactions with patients remotely. There are 1 million students enrolled into clinical programs across the country today. This is a win multiplied by four: 1. students gain needed experience while earning income, 2. patients are finally getting the outreach they desperately need which has been further neglected with the recent pandemic, 3. Healthcare organizations are able to greatly scale their social care outreach at a fraction of the price, and 4. Clinical programs are able to support their students with achieving their required clinical experience.

In practice, the way we work is by starting with defining the problems our clients are experiencing and which specific tasks we can take off of their staff’s plate. This could be SDOH surveys, post discharge check in calls, cancer and other disease screenings, provide patient education, and so much more. From there, we train and test our student network on the tasks at hand. The students are delegated a call load for the week through our software platform. One of the best parts is that we charge just $5 per successful interaction, which allows us to serve a much wider patient population including those under or uninsured. 

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