2021: The Small But Monumental Step Forward

I want to take a moment and thank you all for the effort, dedication, and flat out grit that each of you exhibited over this past year. It’s an honor to work with each and every one of you and, as we look ahead at 2021, I want to share a bit about where I see us going and what we will be able to do together.

I’ve always thought of Scale as a partially crowdsourced vision, only as strong as the amazing people that make it up and made all the stronger by the new members and partners that are invited into our ever expanding tent. The positivity and strength that you’ve all shown in the face of unthinkable health, economic, and societal adversity makes me all the more excited for the impact that we will be able to have together in 2021 and beyond.

We started 2020 with one location in Los Angeles and now have five. By the end of Q2 next year, we will have eight locations all chosen for the relationships and partnerships that those ecosystems can bring to the ScaleHealth Family and, in return, the value that ScaleHealth can provide to each of them.

As we start to shift back towards an in-person world (fingers crossed), we’re going to balance the new way of working with the old by making sure that innovators in each hub have the option to meet and collaborate in person but also continuing to build upon the new reality that developed during 2020. The virtual work environment has made the world much smaller and we will lean into that by continuing to expand our Portal, increasing its ability to match a startup in Detroit with an investor in LA or a technology in Orange County with a partner in Ho Chi Minh.

That local connection and global collaboration is what makes the ScaleHealth Family and every member in it so special.

That’s our vision as I look ahead at 2021. We want to know where everyone is at (members, partners, advisors, and investors) and we want to leverage our platform and our knowledge of the ecosystem to be that true partner for each of you as we collectively restart the engines of recovery and discovery. We want to use this ecosystem to ensure that the challenges brought to light by the COVID-19 pandemic are never repeated.

Everyone who fought and struggled through 2020 deserves endless amounts of recognition and appreciation. We’ve all worked hard, changed, pivoted, and figured things out as we went along. Through it all, no matter how hard it has been, each one of us has persevered to fight another day. In 2021, I’d say we all deserve a few wins and those wins are coming, I promise.

Now, let’s turn the page to a new chapter of health innovation. The system showed us where it needed help and collectively we’re answering the call. Together, we can make communities healthier, we can make humanity healthier, and we can set a steady course for impactful health innovation for generations to come. We know we can…because we survived 2020 and because of that, we can do anything.

In 2021, let’s take the small but monumental step from zero to one.

Let’s get going.

Taylor McPartland
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